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Roma Wells is a Sri Lankan and Irish author, voice artist and nature presenter with a deep passion for wildlife and wordcraft. From sweltering lagoons to screech frost pastures, Roma has a family heritage entwined with wild animals and began pouring nature-infused stories at the age of just seven.  

Ink ambition aflame, Roma grafted her way into a range of prominent newsrooms as a teenager (Time Out London, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Times) and landed her own magazine column at age 16. She went on to study International Relations at Cambridge University (BA, 1st) and has worked in journalism, foreign affairs, international development and sustainable travel.  She’s scribbled her way across a diverse range of terrains, from local magazines to the heights of 10 Downing Street and her debut novel, Seek The Singing Fish, was published by époque press in June 2022.


Passionate about boosting mental health and wellness via the natural world, she has embarked on a range of projects which fuse lyrical language and soothing vocals with the wild lessons we can draw from nature. Oceanava, a creative mindfulness album made for those struggling with anxiety, grief, insomnia and lack of motivation, was written and performed by Roma (music by Dan Vinci) and will be arriving on Spotify in late 2023.

Lauded as 'where Lara Croft meets Snow White', Roma presents a nature and travel channel where she promotes educational awareness about the natural world and obscure animal species (590k+ followers, content individually accruing 3.8 million+ views). She also runs a sustainable travel company, Curious Fox, which focuses on kinder ways to travel. Roma explores the globe crafting breathtaking adventures which give back to wildlife conservation and local communities, ensuring each trip supports our planet's species and locals at the grassroots level. 

She is happiest scribbling under trees and at home you will find her bonding with an array of local London wildlife whilst finishing up her second novel and the pilot for her own nature show.

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