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Roma has worked on a range of voice projects from commercial and radio outlets to guided meditations and audiobook narration.  For enquiries on hiring Roma for voicework, please see the contact page.

Voicereel: Commercial (demo)

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Presenter Reel: Pilot & TikTok

Oceanava-Squared_InnerTide (72dpi).jpg

Words by Roma Wells

Music by Dan Vinci


Arriving on Spotify in early 2023


Roma is the writer and voice of Oceanava, a powerful new wave of lyrical mindfulness making waves in the storytelling and soundtrack world.

This unique concept album, Inner Tide, is a lyrical journey to soothe the senses and evoke gentle waves of introspection, transporting listeners right to the heart of their inner self. Whether you’re feeling a bit lost in life, struggling to sleep, battling with anxiety, grief or simply in need of some inspiration on a rough day, Oceanava’s debut album offers the uplifting escapism you need. 

In our era of plummeting mental health, this pioneering project offers a positive counter force, passionately focused on boosting mental wellbeing, nurturing you through emotional strain and creatively reconnecting you to the resilience of your inner self. 

Forming an unprecedented bridge between meditation and spoken word, music and wordcraft,  Oceanava transports you to the empowering, tailored oasis you’ve been waiting for.  

For bespoke commissions and enquiries, please email :

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